Voting System Tabulators

The Election Assistance Commission (EAC) certifies all voting system tabulators (ballot scanners) for use in the United States. The EAC website has information on the testing and certification program, https://www.eac.gov/voting-equipment/testing-and-certification-program

In Virginia four venders are used: Unisyn, Hart Intercivic, Dominion and ES&S. Prince William County uses Hart Intercivic’s Verity Scan.

Election officers do NOT chose the equipment. After Federal EAC certification, there is a state certification process than when complete is submitted to the Virginia State Board of Elections (SBE) for a vote of approval. After approval the localities select what they are going to use. The site Verified Voting show the list of what counties use the Hart Verity Scan system, hand fed optical scanners, https://verifiedvoting.org/verifier/#mode/search/year/2022/state/51/model/Verity%20Scan

To find other systems that are used in Virginia and elsewhere, go to Verified Voting.

CISA issued a security advisory on a particular system from a vendor used in Virginia, https://www.cyberscoop.com/dominion-vulnerability-cisa-advisory-2020/, but counties in Virginia use a different model than the one referenced in the CISA advisory. We wonder how a state can continue to use a vendor which designs and programs a system with such vulnerabilities, regardless of the model. You can download the list of counties in Virginia using this vendor, and the models they use here.

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