Poll Watcher Trainings (Online) for Prince William County

The Prince William GOP is hard at work to ensure fair and honest elections in our County. We want to make it easy to vote but hard to cheat!

Poll Watchers are essential for election integrity! You must be trained by the Republican Party to be approved to represent the party inside the polls. To be a Poll Watcher you must register and attend Republican training and be available to be scheduled during the election. You will be notified by us on days and times needed to keep an “Eye on Every Ballot” during our Prince William County Elections.

Poll Watchers:

  • Represents the Republican party as a volunteer
  • In satellite polling places for early voting in-person
  • In one of the precinct polling places on election day
  • At the Central Absentee Precinct
  • At recording, tabulating and canvassing of results
  • At hand counts and late vote processing

Hundreds are needed for 103 precincts for election day and for the six weeks of early voting.

We are also in need of Election Officers happy to represent the Republican party to guard our election processes with Poll Watchers. Below are some main differences between Poll Watchers and Election Officers:

Below are online trainings available through early October. You should take part by computer to see the slides and ask questions. Dates are in the dropdown box. Thank you!

These are 2 hours Poll Watchers trainings for registered voters to work at the poll during early voting and on election day in Prince William County. Please muse a computer during the training so you can see the slides and be able to ask questions. Once you complete training you will receive a link for scheduling.