How the Tally Tape Numbers Add for Early Voting and Tally Tape Samples

The scanners for early voting are placed in suspend mode at the end of each day of early voting, and then started up again the next morning. The initial vote count is zero, and accumulates every day. The tally tape printed on the last day of early voting will the total ballots cast on that machine throughout early voting.

If early voting ended 10-8-22, the total vote count, aka “public count” is 392 on that scanner.

The total protected count, aka “lifetime” goes from 1187 at the start to 1579. That is 1187+392.

Below is a tally tape from the 2021 election, both a “zero tape” and an end of day tape. Notice you can see the serial number of the scanner on the tally tape. The zero tape will be on the wall next to the scanner at each voting location.

Notice also the Ballot Counter is zero at the start of election day (or the first day of early voting) and then shows 376 ballots were cast on election day. This caused the Lifetime Counter to go from 1135 to 1511.

The Ballot Counter and Lifetime Counter will show on the scanner screen.

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