A few weeks ago, the Gateway Pundit published an article revealing the FirstNet national cellular network as being connected to voting systems at the precinct level.

The FirstNet private/public partnership came about in about March 2017, but expanded to include election infrastructure before President Obama left office. It used to be that land to mobile radio used for emergencies was just a fixed access with a narrow bandwidth system. The FirstNet came about as a partnership between Department of Commerce and AT&T, using public safety as the primary reason for its existence. Verizon and many other companies, hundreds of them, came aboard with AT&T. (image with FCC ericcson, and others image)

What does this have to do with elections? Well after Hilary lost in 2016, Obama declared elections as critical infrastructure (date?) We point out Hillary’s loss because it seems Obama could have declared this earlier.

The requirement for cellular modem has come into being due to voter registration status…..(???)

Modems, and sometimes different language is used, are connected to epollbooks and scanner tabulators. Case in point is the webinar below from Dallas County (today using Dominion ImageCast), where they make no bones about explaining that ballot scanners and pollbooks are cellular enabled and used in a means which is integrated. New Jersey signed up for this as well. Rhode Island…. Chicago ‘upgraded’ to voting systems (2016 ES&S DS200, DS450, DS850 used in (link Chicago)) that were Verizon enabled, minute 37

Does Virginia use Firstnet? Yes, Virginia was the first state in the country to enter into the FirstNet system by Governor McAuliffe,

Do we know if Vigrinia voting systems are connected to FirstNet? We know the ES&S and Dominion systems are Verizon enabled, and that our electronic pollbooks transmit data wirelessly both within the precinct and out to Amazon Web Services.

This is a two way system. cts mobility, an ericcson affilaite, Lester Lewis ‘because we were able to use remote tools….they can remote in to change signal strength and so they do have that power for two way. If they have the ability, an agent higher up can as well.

quotes from the video in 2020, “

realtime inormation. Many ngo’s get real time pollbook data and can notify peopl what precincts to go to realtime.

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