363 2023 Election Absentee Ballots Mailed with the Wrong Precinct Ballots – Watch That Your Absentee is Correct!!!

Updated 10-6, the number of incorrect absentee ballots sent to voters is 363, that we know of so far. The elections office in Prince William has made nothing public so as ‘not to confuse the voters,’ according to his email. We are making it public for him.

Two voters caught the whole problem!!! How do we know there are not more, and what measures are in place to catch ballots sent in from voters who did not realize they voted the wrong ballot.

The election office made an error in transmission, were mailed to voters with the wrong precinct ballots inside for the 2023 election. The whole story should be explained at the Electoral Board meeting on October 16.

We need multiple crosschecks to be sure absentee voters did not vote the wrong ballot, at Cure, Pre-Processing and CAP.

The error was noticed when a voter went in to vote early in Haymarket, and voted using a regular ballot because she had not received her absentee ballot yet. When she did get her ballot, she noticed it had the wrong precinct listed. A second voter in Haymarket noticed the same. It was reported to General Registrar Eric Olsen who traced the problem to a data transmission problem to the printer, K&H.

The voters involved have been notified. Meanwhile, we do not know if other ballot batches had data incorrectly transmitted.

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